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| August 23, 2014

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Eat More, Burn More

Eat More, Burn More
Adolfo Arbulu

Fun Fact: Our bodies burn more calories in any given day than they do through any other activity. The best weight training session, sprint-interval session or any other activity you may be imagining doesn’t compare to the caloric expenditure we experience by breaking down food.

On top of of building our lean muscle tissue and fueling our workouts we can also view eating food as an additional fat burning source. Eating food more frequently throughout the day allows for more opportunity to burn more calories, sustains energy levels and prevents overeating. When the body knows it has a consistent dose of the macronutrients it needs coming in regular intervals, it allows for more fat to be utilized as fuel along the way. On the opposite side of the spectrum (and we all know people like this) are people that eat 2-3 meals a day. They’re constantly tired, are carrying a good amount of extra belly fat (even if they’re “skinny”) and cannot maintain solid muscle tone. Go ahead, look around and the truth you shall see.

Key points on eating more:

1. Focus on eating about every 3 hours. This does NOT have to be a full meal. We’ve spoken in other articles about forgetting the idea of breakfast, lunch and dinner and instead focusing on fuel. Make sure each meal or snack is protein based. Snacks could consist of a protein bar and an apple, a handful of mixed nuts and a 2 sticks of lowfat cheese or Greek yogurt and melon, for example. ┬áDepending on the time of day and your activity, pair protein with complex carbs, good fats or greens a la Smart Food Timing.

2. Each meal should be just enough to carry you for 3 hours. If you’re still not hungry 3 hours later, cut the size of your portions down. If you’re starving at 2 hours, you’ll need to increase your portions. Overall, you should feel energized throughout the day.

3. Squeeze as many greens in as you can. In a perfect world, you’d have a portion of greens with you at each 3 hour interval. Sneak a couple handfuls of spinach into your protein shakes and have quick steam vegetables in your freezer at all times! The extra fiber from the greens will boost the fat burning component of eating more frequently even further.


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